Taking Pills Made Easy

Many people argue “I can’t take pills”. Regardless of whether it is a medication or supplement, the opposition persists. Board certified Medical Doctor, Dr Jan

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Balance School and Life

With some students returning to classrooms, others learning remotely, and some doing a mix of both, it has become increasingly difficult for students to maintain

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Lifestyle Beats Diet

Since 2019, the weight loss industry in America is now worth a record $72 billion. However, the total number of dieters has steadily decreased. While

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3 Natural Foods to Add to Your Diet to Boost Your Digestive System

Over time, the digestive and metabolic processes tend to decline in efficiency, which is why it becomes harder to lose weight and keep it off as you age. As your digestive system begins taking longer to break down food, less energy-providing nutrients are extracted and more calories remain undigested, which then get converted into fat.

How to Best Grow an Initial Following on Social Media Platforms

Weight loss expert, health guru, and award-winning physician Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor experienced many of the challenges inherent in growing a following on social media when she first began using the most popular platforms to try and engage a wider audience.

Secrets to Suppressing Your Craving for Sugar

Sugar is one of the main culprits behind the obesity epidemic that has swept the globe in recent decades. The United States has been hit particularly hard, with a staggering 39.6% of U.S adults being obese according to data from the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Dr. Jan McBarron Shares 3 Tips for Balancing Work and Study

Many people who strive to balance work and study put together an overly-simple - or more aptly described, superficial - schedule that fails to capture all the tasks they need or want to achieve throughout the day, week and month.

Behind the Scenes of a Radio Broadcast

According to Dr. Jan McBarron, an acclaimed and award-winning physician who championed the practice of non-surgical weight loss in the U.S., and who co-hosted along with her husband the popular "Duke & the Doctor" radio show that was repeatedly recognized by Talkers Magazine (a.k.a.

3 Tips for Staying Motivated in Tough Times

Many people who experience a major setback often need time to decompress and process. However, to stay motivated and persist it is imperative to stay productive. Dr. Jan McBarron shared that in her experience, productivity is a direct result of adhering to key priorities, and of sticking with a robust schedule.

5 Easy Tips from Dr. Jan McBarron to Start your Weight Loss

As an award-winning bariatric medical doctor, Jan McBarron, M.D. understands that dropping pounds is no easy task. Here, she's outlined a couple tips that will help you kick off a successful weight loss regimen. Everything's better with a friend at your side.

3 Smoothie Recipes by Dr. Jan McBarron to Start Your Morning

Board certified bariatric medical professional Dr. Jan McBarron has realized that many struggle to consume the necessary daily nutrients. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, fresh ingredients and balanced meals are an ideal some find strenuous to meet. Smoothies provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for those looking for a nutritious kickstart to their morning.

Dr. Jan McBarron on Helpful Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

The idea of a quick fix is what makes fad diets popular, but if you've ever tried one you know their results don't last. To drop pounds and keep them off you need to address the root of the problem...

Jan McBarron on Why You Should Consider Pursuing a Health-Related Post-Secondary Program

The healthcare industry is slated to grow 18% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster by comparison than other industries. There will always be a need for quality healthcare, especially as the Baby Boomers enter retirement. Right now, there are about 40,000 vacant healthcare jobs in the VA area lone, with thousands more throughout the country.

Can't Afford an Education? Here's How a Scholarship Can Fill in the Financial Gaps

And even though Dr. McBarron worked a well-paying job while in school, she knows the value of a scholarship in relieving financial burdens so that the payoff of the degree is even greater. If you can't come up with the funds for school yourself, you might be inclined to take out a student loan.

Common Struggles for First-Time Weight Loss and How to Overcome Them

According to Dr. Jan McBarron, your body doesn't want to shed pounds. "When you try to lose weight, your body fights back. Even though your body will be better off if you lose weight, it still treats it as a loss, and loss can be scary."

Common Misconceptions about Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is worth a whopping $68.2 billion, so of course they want you to believe that you can buy your way down the scale. But many supplements have not been heavily studied, so there isn't much evidence to back up their claims. Regardless, your local heath food store may be your best source for reliable supplement information.

An Overview of Bariatric Medicine

Bariatric medicine is the specialty area of treating patients with obesity. The term often conjures up images of surgery, but that's only a part of what bariatric medicine can offer patients. Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor, an award winning physician situated in Nevada, experienced her own weight loss journey, as well as helped many patients over her 30-year career in private practice.

How to Effectively Build Your Social Media Brand in 2019

Social media is getting crowded, especially as more businesses start taking an interest in tapping into social audiences. But because so many businesses are clamoring for attention, it's hard to tell which ones are in it to connect with their customers and which ones are simply trying to make a sale.

Overview of the Consumption of Red Meat

It is important to note; however, that meat today is not the same as the meat of our forefathers. Animals used to roam free, and ate grass, insects, or other foods natural to them. Most of the meat we currently consume is born and raised in a factory, fed grain-based feed and are given growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics.

Dr. Jan McBarron on Common Misconceptions about Fats

In recent years, however, new studies have shown that fat is not only good for you but is essential in maintaining brain health. To go over the confusion and shed some light on what fats you should incorporate into your diet, we spoke with bariatric physician, doctor and author, Jan McBarron (Duke and The Doctor).

Jan McBarron Shares How Scholarships Can Help Students Beyond Financial Means

Jan McBarron, who for twenty years co-hosted the Duke and The Doctor health talk radio show, says that scholarships go beyond the financial salvation that they offer. One of their greatest benefits is not the direct financial aid, but that a scholarship removes financial concerns from the decision-making process so that students are not only getting a more affordable education, but one in the field or specialty they really desire.

Why Scholarships are Important for Deserving Students

Scholarships can also provide students with additional resources, including training programs, internship or volunteer opportunities, and help with future job placements. While a merit-based society is certainly ideal, merit also needs to be judged beyond mere grades, which can be heavily skewed by a student's quality of education, upbringing, access to resources, and other factors.

Jan McBarron Discusses How to Handle Patient Pushback

When dealing with patients who are not cooperative with their treatment, the first step is to look inwards and assess the language that you are using. Language is what you are communicating, and it's not just about what you say, either. Body language can speak volumes and it's the first thing you should self-evaluate.

Jan McBarron Highlights Challenges When Moving Your Business Across State Lines

Another key challenge in the moving process is communication. Being proactive here is necessary, as everyone needs to be completely aware of what's happening; you can't afford to leave customers or employees in the dark, and that means working overtime on your outgoing communications in order to keep everyone in the loop.

Jan McBarron's Top 5 Things to Do When Retired

For many of us, one of the first things we want to do is focus on our home and work on neglected improvements. You'll have plenty of time to focus on spring cleaning and maybe even renovations, taking your ideal home from a concept in your mind to a fulfilled reality.

Jan McBarron Discusses a Healthy Selection of Fats for Your Diet

Speaking of enemies: there are indeed some fatty foes to watch out for on the dietary landscape, and that is where trans fats and saturated fats come into the picture.

Award-Winning Bariatric Physician Jan McBarron Highlights 3 Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

Obesity in America has surpassed its previous title of being a problem and is now categorized as a full-blown epidemic. According to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity now affects a staggering 93.3 million adults in the U.S., and 13.7 million adolescents and children - including some as young as two years old.

Weight Loss Specialist Jan McBarron Highlights the Key Benefits of Cutting Red Meat from Your Diet

If you're thinking about reducing or eliminating red meat from your diet, then according to many nutritionists, dieticians, and other health care professionals such as Jan McBarron, an acclaimed and award-winning bariatric physician who championed the practice of non-surgical weight loss in the U.S., you're definitely on the right track.