When I was over 200 pounds and for the past 30 plus years practicing Bariatric Medicine, it seemed everyone wanted something to suppress their appetite. There are many shakes, fiber fillers, supplements and prescription medications available. These require you spend money and add them to your daily routine. But are there any foods known to suppress appetite naturally?

The answer is yes. These foods can easily be added into your eating plan. They are the cruciferous vegetables. These are an informal class of vegetables sharing a common shape leaf in the form of a cross, hence the name. Some of the more common members include broccoli,cauliflower,brussel sprouts,cabbage,turnip,radish and kale.

How do these foods suppress appetite? They are rich in vitamins and minerals that assist in proper digestion. In addition they provide bulk or fiber to the stool to enhance elimination.

Most people trying to lose weight realize the benefits of choosing a salad over the burger. So it makes sense to eat a salad that includes some cruciferous vegetables to help with appetite control.

In addition, recently many restaurants have added brussel sprouts as an appetizer on the menu. Its true they are marinated in a sauce and you can add bacon or blue cheese. Regardless, even if you choose to add the extra toppings brussel sprouts are a better choice than abandoning all weight loss efforts at a meal.

For more than 30 years, I continue to listen to people tell me they “know how to lose weight”. As a medical doctor board certified in Bariatric Medicine which took years of formal education to achieve, I ask “Did you know these specific vegtables can suppress your appetite”. The reality is that if people truly “know” how to lose weight then why are over 70% of Americans overweight?

Incorporate cruciferous vegetables into your diet and you will automatically be incorporating better health, nutrition and weight loss. And thank you for remembering who told you.