About Dr. Jan McBarron

Dr. Jan McBarron

Dr. Jan McBarron (Duke and the Doctor) is a physician (no longer seeing patients), weight loss specialist, and radio talk show host hailing from Philadelphia. Dr. McBarron earned her medical doctorate while working the night shift as a nurse. During these formative years in the medical industry, Dr. McBarron noticed that nurses spent more time with patients and were generally very compassionate. She made the decision not long after that she would work towards a career where she would marry both her nursing skills and experience with a higher education, ultimately creating a better experience for her patients.


During these early years, Jan McBarron, M.D. married Duke Liberatore, and the two moved to Georgia where Dr. McBarron opened her own medical practice, Georgia Bariatrics. Georgia Bariatrics allowed Dr. McBarron to practice nonsurgical weight loss on her patients, a field of medicine she was particularly passionate about due to her own struggles with weight. After successfully shedding more than 50 lbs, Dr. McBarron found that she was often able to develop a personal connection with her patients, more effectively helping them achieve a better body and a healthier lifestyle. While successfully running her own practice, Dr. McBarron also co-founded the radio show, Duke and the Doctor, with her bushand.


For the next thirty years, Dr. Jan McBarron ran Georgia Bariatrics and co-hosted Duke & the Doctor, helping thousands to better understand their bodies and how to treat them well. The show was recognized by Talkers Magazine for a number of years as being among the top 100 most influential nationally syndicated radio shows. Although no longer running her own practice or regularly hosting Duke & the Doctor, Dr. McBarron still strives to help people to better understand their health, as well as diagnosis and treatment options. To this end, Dr. McBarron is hoping to help more people through various online mediums including YouTube, social media, as well as speaking events and written articles.

Jan McBarron, M.D. has received awards including the Girl Scouts Women of Achievement, Top Doctor in Atlanta and Columbus Georgia, Distinguished Alumni for Entrepreneurship by Hahnemann Drexel Medical University, and the Clinician of the Year from the Natural Product Association. Dr. Jan McBarron remains happily married to her best friend Duke Liberatore. The couple lives together in Nevada and the two enjoy hiking, weightlifting, playing tennis, and traveling together.