Thirsty? You might feel inclined to grab a drink of whatever comes to mind first. Perhaps it’s the energy drink you saw on a commercial as you relax and watch tv or a can of soda you saw a quirky ad for on the subway. Stop! Don’t do it. Not only because energy drinks and soda ‘aren’t healthy’. We’ve heard that all before. Instead of thinking about the negatives behind your favourite sugary thirst quencher, think about the health benefits of water.

Dr. Jan McBarron is a leading authority in Medical Bariatrics, the science of losing weight, with years of experience seeing patients in her private medical practice. As someone who previously struggled with her own weight, she offers compassionate but realistic advice. One of her top tricks for not only losing weight but feeling better is to change what drink. Many authorities agree, water is the beverage of choice.

The Human Body is Sixty Percent Water

Not only does water come with no calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or ingredients you can’t pronounce, but it makes you healthier. Up to seventy percent of the human body is made up of water. When you get dehydrated, your brain sends stress signals to the rest of your body. You can begin to feel headaches, dizziness, and a lack of ability to focus. Opting for a glass of juice, coffee or an energy drink may seem like a quick fix but can worsen dehydration. Consciously choose a glass of water instead, says Dr. Jan McBarron. With no other additives, it’s but exactly what your body needs. Staying hydrated is a beneficial way to maintain energy and mental health over the course of the day as well since your body isn’t experiencing swings of stress due to a lack of liquids. 

Water Stimulates Your Metabolism

Water helps stimulate metabolism, says Dr. McBarron. It is a natural way to stimulate metabolism, calorie free. She also advises those who find themselves with cravings to drink a glass of water instead. It will help you stay full and minimize thoughts of salty or sugary snacks that can set you back in your program. Often, when we think we are hungry, we are need water instead. Thirst is a very late signal of dehydration. Most often when we feel hungry, in reality we need water not food.

Prevents Kidney Stones 

Among its many other benefits, water helps prevent kidney stones. The kidney acts as a filter for your blood. When the body doesn’t have enough water to properly filter and remove waste, minerals within the body can crystalize, causing painful stones to form in the kidney. Simply drinking more water can help prevent the discomfort, says Dr. Jan McBarron.

So, the next time your mouth feels dry and you go to grab a drink, make water your beverage of choice. Not because you need to deprive yourself of the satisfaction of flavour and sugar, but because you want to give yourself a boost. Keep your body hydrated, your brain relaxed, your metabolism moving, your stomach full, and avoid developing painful medical conditions. Lastly, the difference between a grape and a raisin is water. We are seventy percent water. Do you want to go thru life as a grape or a raisin?

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