COVID-19 has temporarily paralyzed gyms across the nation. In the wake of lockdown regulations and social distancing mandates, Americans have been forced to make drastic life adjustments. For many, these adjustments make it difficult to get exercise and stay healthy. 

With gyms and public spaces closed, home fitness is the clear solution. But the mechanics of finding an effective home workout regimen and sticking to it proves incredibly challenging for most. 
Award winning bariatric medicine physician Dr. Jan McBarron spoke recently with Industry Elites regarding the challenges that COVID-19 has presented in the realm of health and fitness. Americans may no longer have the luxury of being able to work out in a gym or with their trainer, but they can still gain the health benefits of dedicated exercise from within their own homes.

For those seeking to implement healthy, consistent exercise regimens, Dr. Jan McBarron suggests the following tips for home fitness during quarantine. A more in-depth discussion of the topic can be found through Dr. Jan McBarron’s interview with Industry Elites. 

Dedicate Space

There is an undeniable psychological link between the physical spaces we occupy and the mental mindsets they put us in. When you are at the gym surrounded by exercise equipment and other people working hard, you are far more likely to push yourself, too. At home, however, it is far more difficult to stay motivated and accountable. 

Dr. Jan McBarron recommends rearranging your physical space at home to accommodate a regular workout routine. Using what you have, set up a mini home gym. Claim a corner of your living room and set up some weights or roll out a yoga mat. Having a dedicated space that you keep neat and organized will put you in the right mindset and help motivate you to get moving.

Start Immediately

Too many make the mistake of waiting to start their home workout regimen until they have acquired all the right supplies or picked out the perfect video series. Dr. Jan McBarron’s expert advice is to bypass the waiting and start immediately. After all, procrastination is still procrastination even when it is done in the name of preparation. 

The truth is that you do not need flashy exercise equipment or a certain pair of athletic leggings to start developing a healthy and regular workout regimen. All you need is your own body and the willingness to get moving. Starting immediately will mean you are far more likely to develop consistent habits and stick to them through and after quarantine.

20 Minutes is Enough

Many individuals do not have the time or energy to dedicate a full hour per day to their home workout. In her interview with Industry Elites, Dr. Jan McBarron reminds listeners that when it comes to exercise, a little bit can go a long way. Consistency not duration proves most essential.
For many, 20 minutes per day is enough to stay in shape and even promote weight loss. In other words, it is not the length of the individual workout that matters most; it is forming regular, consistent habits that will ultimately lead to results. Dr. McBarron states walking 10 minutes six days a week is better than an hour once a week. She adds “It’s easier too”.

Dress for the Gym

Gyms may be closed but suiting up in your workout gear as if you were heading there anyway is a great trick for getting motivated. Your mindset determines your actions; if you have spent the day in your pajamas, it is unlikely you are going to feel like launching into calisthenics, yoga or even walking.

To help kick-start your workout regimen and get your mind geared for exercise, Dr. Jan McBarron recommends putting on your athletic wear as soon as you wake up in the morning. This mentally reinforces your exercise routine, conditioning you to follow through with your fitness goals.