Why Water Should Always Be Your Beverage of Choice

Thirsty? You might feel inclined to grab a drink of whatever comes to mind first. Perhaps it’s the energy drink you saw on a commercial as you relax and watch tv or a can of soda you saw a quirky ad for on the subway. Stop! Don’t do it. Not only because energy drinks and […]

How to Safely Handle Door-to-door Deliveries

dr. jan mcbarron explores covid 19 and door to door deliveries

COVID-19 has made it mandatory for the world to stay home. As social isolation and distancing is slowly becoming the norm, people are actively avoiding crowds at grocery stores in favor of online shopping. However, the packages you receive online aren’t germ free. Having changed hands with several people on its way to your door, […]

Dr. Jan McBarron on How to Stay at Home for an Extended Period of Time

jan mcbarron advises on staying home during covid-19

As countries around the world are implementing quarantine and self-isolation measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, millions of people have been asked to stay home. Whether you’re working from home or have been laid off, spending extended periods of time at home can be difficult. Dr. Jan McBarron is an award winning Bariatric Medical […]

Do Natural Sugars Count Toward Your Daily Sugar Intake? Dr. Jan McBarron Weighs In

Sugar has received a lot of bad press in recent years, and for good reasons. Researchers have found it is linked to weight gain, belly fat, and the onset of chronic diseases like type two diabetes and insulin resistance.  In an effort to reduce the mass over-consumption of sugar, the FDA recently issued updated standards […]

Jan McBarron Outlines 3 Ways to Make Sure That You Do Not Overeat This Holiday Season

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities, especially with regard to eating habits. The combination of calorie-rich foods and sedentary behavior often leave individuals adding extra inches on their waistline. Dr. Jan McBarron, an award-winning bariatric medicine physician, has a list of three different ways in which […]

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