Benefits of Walking and its Positive Impact on the Body

Dr. Jan McBarron Explains the Benefits of Walking and its Positive Impact on the Body

Walking is not only a great way to get out of the house during the pandemic, it is also a highly effective means to support your overall health. In addition to controlling weight, walking can help people stay physically active longer and offers numerous mental health benefits.  Prominent Bariatric Medicine Physician, Dr. Jan McBarron encourages […]

Dangers of Emotional Eating

Dr. Jan McBarron Highlight the Dangers of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating occurs when food becomes someone’s response to an emotional cue, which can be frustration, anger, sadness, exhaustion and more. This type of eating can often result in overeating and can have a direct impact on self-esteem while promoting weight gain. As a cyclical pattern, it is important to recognize this habit for what […]

Home Fitness Tips for Quarantine

COVID-19 has temporarily paralyzed gyms across the nation. In the wake of lockdown regulations and social distancing mandates, Americans have been forced to make drastic life adjustments. For many, these adjustments make it difficult to get exercise and stay healthy.  With gyms and public spaces closed, home fitness is the clear solution. But the mechanics […]

Dr. Jan McBarron On Staying Body Positive During Quarantine

COVID-19 has temporarily shut down gyms, restaurants, stores and forced many to work from home. In short, it has altered our lifestyles completely. We are eating differently, working differently, and communicating differently with those around us. Our routines have shifted drastically; as a result, our bodies are changing, too.    At this moment in time, many […]

An Overview of the 7 Most Popular Weight Loss Diets

No diet is one-size-fits all. What delivers results for one person will likely prove fruitless for the next. Choosing the one that meets your needs is a matter of matching an eating plan to your lifestyle, tastes, and weight loss goals.   As an award-winning bariatric medicine physician and a leading authority on diet and weight […]

Meditation and the Many Benefits it has on our Mental Well-Being

It may be difficult to believe that meditating can have a profound effect on our mental well-being. Yet the scientific literature on the many benefits of meditation appears definitive as experts continue to study this ancient, fascinating and powerful practice.  Dr. Jan McBarron, an award-winning bariatric Medical Doctor, nationally syndicated radio show host, writer, and […]

Why the Elderly are More Susceptible to COVID-19

Dr. Jan McBarron Explains Why the Elderly are More Susceptible to COVID-19 We all need to protect ourselves from contracting and spreading COVID-19, which is why health authorities recommend everyone stay home, regardless of age or health. However, it appears COVID-19 is a discriminatory disease, killing the elderly at greatly elevated rates compared to others […]

Dalgona Coffee: Why the Hype Does Not Justify the Novelty With Dr. Jan McBarron

You have seen this three-ingredient craze all over the internet: dalgona coffee. As one of the biggest food trends of the COVID-19 pandemic, this frothy, whipped coffee beverage is made by vigorously mixing instant coffee, sugar, and hot water, followed by placing it on top of a cup of milk. However, award-winning Bariatric Medicine Physician […]

Tips For Eating Right During COVID-19 by Dr. Jan McBarron

The body’s ability to fight off disease is directly linked to how we treat it. Do we get enough sleep, enough exercise? Are we eating the right things that provide us with the vital nutrients our immune systems rely upon? Dr. Jan McBarron was a Registered Nurse for several years before becoming a Medical Doctor. […]