Taking Pills Made Easy

Many people argue “I can’t take pills”. Regardless of whether it is a medication or supplement, the opposition persists. Board certified Medical Doctor, Dr Jan McBarron overcomes these obstacles and offers advice for making all pills, easier to swallow. A common complaint against pill taking is “it gets stuck in my throat”. Consider that the […]

Structuring Healthy Eating Habits at Home: With Dr. Jan McBarron

If you’re a parent working from home and homeschooling your kids, other responsibilities are naturally going to fall by the wayside. From cleaning up to cooking healthy meals, it can be difficult to keep your family on track during a pandemic. However, as award-winning Bariatric Medicine Physician Dr. Jan McBarron explains, it has never been […]

Balance School and Life

With some students returning to classrooms, others learning remotely, and some doing a mix of both, it has become increasingly difficult for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and solid school-life balance. As technology has become an active part of student education from elementary school to university, the line between where school ends and where […]

Lifestyle Beats Diet

Since 2019, the weight loss industry in America is now worth a record $72 billion. However, the total number of dieters has steadily decreased. While meal replacements are still booming, over the counter diet pills have been losing revenue year over year. While this does represent a significant shift in the mindset of dieters, it […]

What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

The best exercise to lose weight and keep it off is surprising. Most people believe in the false narratives. Some think if you are not sweating or breathing heavily, its meaningless. Others think its about how much weight you can lift in the gym. Still others swear its “no pain, no gain”. And yet others […]

How Important is Physical Health for Your Mental Health? Dr. Jan McBarron Explains

It is no secret that physical activity can boost your confidence by trimming your waistline and building muscles. Exercise makes you look better. In addition, exercise makes you feel good. Its true it helps in the production of endorphins which helps us feel better, but it also assists in reducing mental illness thus promoting improved […]

Dr Jan McBarron on Getting Back in Shape After Quarantine

Quarantine has left most of us stuck at home and in totally new routines. We are no longer walking around the office, commuting, or going to the gym. In fact, for the overwhelming majority, we are living more sedentary lives than ever. As economies and businesses slowly reopen, it can be tempting to jump back […]

Seven Foods That Suppress Appetite

When I was over 200 pounds and for the past 30 plus years practicing Bariatric Medicine, it seemed everyone wanted something to suppress their appetite. There are many shakes, fiber fillers, supplements and prescription medications available. These require you spend money and add them to your daily routine. But are there any foods known to […]

Dr. Jan McBarron on the Challenges of Long-Term Weight Loss

Dr. Jan McBarron on the Challenges of Long-Term Weight Loss

Roughly 38% of all Americans are currently on a diet. However, the bleak reality is that more than 95 percent of people who lose significant weight on a diet will put the weight back on. As an Award-Winning Bariatric Medicine Physician who has been on her own weight loss journey, Dr. Jan McBarron explains that […]